Pinnacle Audio launches RAID Equipped Folio Music Server

Pinnacle Audio Folio Music Server

Aimed squarely at the audiophile, the new Folio music server from UK based Pinnacle Audio uses FLAC Lossless compression.  Their built-in CD ripping engine also features RAID technology to make sure your music is automatically copied to two hard drives – sparing you the pain of ever having to re-rip your collection.  The Sonos like control comes via the Nokia touchsreen tablet and some custom software.  Watch the video after the jump.

“Unlike anything else on the market, The Folio combines pure unadulterated sound quality with massive storage capacity, and has no need for PCs or TV screens – all that is needed is a wireless internet connection, a speaker system and a comfortable position from which to rip, browse, play and enjoy as many as 2,000 CDs.

The Folio is the concept and creation of Pinnacle Audio, the Sussex-based electronics developer dedicated to revolutionising the art of digitally stored music.  “Our main aim when designing The Folio was to create a product that did not compromise quality for quantity or vice versa,” explain Pinnacle Audio’s directors Andrew Gatt and Phil Napper. “By copying the music in a lossless format the full sonic detail is retained, unlike other comparable devices with less storage capacity that copy in the same way as an MP3 player. Good, but not good enough.

“As consumers become increasingly sophisticated and knowledgeable about digital music storage, their expectations become higher so we have responded to this demand by creating a product that ticks all the boxes.  “The Folio is a stand-alone server that works straight out of the box; transferring music to the system is simplicity itself and using it is child’s play.”

As soon as a CD is loaded into the server it automatically starts to rip to the hard drive and download the track details and cover art from the internet. Within a matter of minutes any track can be called up by artist, album, year, or even album cover, in seconds. Even whilst ripping, it is possible to play other tracks, cue up music and organise playlists. Playlists can be created using any criteria :  whole CDs, selected tracks, a selected artist or a particular year. Once a playlist has been created, just press play and the music will flow seamlessly – ideal for entertaining or a party.

With The Folio your music is literally at your fingertips: the server is controlled, and all its features accessed, via an elegant hand-held colour touchscreen web tablet with no need for any third-party control system, PC or TV.

  • Standalone sound server that works out of the box
  • Hand-held colour touchscreen control tablet
  • Lossless compression for the ultimate audio experience
  • Dual RAID configured hard drives with automatic back-up
  • Massive storage capacity for up to 2,000 CDs

Another feature of The Folio that sets it apart from other sound servers is the dual hard drives, which are available in various sizes. Using proven RAID technology, all music is automatically copied onto both drives. In the unlikely event that one disk fails, the other will continue to operate, thereby saving the onerous task of having to reload the entire collection.  The Folio is automatically updated overnight with software downloads from the Pinnacle Audio website, so there is no need to go looking for the latest updates.

“The whole aim of electronic development is to make life easier, more interesting, more enjoyable,” say Andrew and Phil. “Music is meant to be fun and those who want the very best equipment should be able to buy something that has had the work taken out of it so they can make the most of their hard-earned leisure time. This is what The Folio does.” ”

Prices start at around £2,400 and there’s launch discount available – contact Pinnacle Audio for details. : Sonos at Amazon

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  1. Jeffrey Richard Tutton | August 6, 2022 at 11:48 am |

    Does anyone have software for the Pinnacle Folio Music Server? The drive in mine failed and I want to replace the drive and reload the O/S.

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