Philips LivingColor Mini

Philips Living Colour Mini

Last year we highlighted some innovative lighting products from Philips. Recently they have expanded the range to include a new LivingColor Mini LED lamp.  With its built in colour wheel you can light your room with any one of 256 colours, or leave the lamp to gently cycle through each one automatically.  Check out the video below…


* Change the colour of you walls as often as you change your mind
* Choose from 256 different colours or loop continuously
* Long lasting high powered LEDs (red, green, and blue)
* Intuitive colour wheel to select colour
* Energy consumption 7.5 W
* 230-240 v
* Light Output: 70 Lumen
* White or black units fit with most decors.

Philips Living Color Mini

6 Comments on "Philips LivingColor Mini"

  1. These LED lamps are really attractive, except for the lack of any kind of remote control. The larger models do have a RF handset but I think they use a proprietry 2.4GHz system, so no easy interface there either.

    If Philips could make IR or IP, or even Wi-Fi controlled versions, then I for one would buy them!

  2. David – I have the larger unit with the remote, and TBH the mini looks better because it has the colour cycling feature that I want on mine.

  3. I bought the mini, not realising it didn’t have a remote, and am thinking of sending it back. Am now wondering if it wouldn’t be more effective to build something with three sets of coloured LED downlighters and some clever C-Bus programming

  4. Nice, if you had two or more then how do you sync them to change all together?

  5. I have just bought one of the larger units, with remote. Is there any way of capturing the RF output of the remote and rebroadcasting it from the PC?

    You also can colour cycle the larger unit and also control more than one using a single remote. You have to point the remote at the base of the unit you want it to control and hold a button. You can link up to 6 to the same remote.

  6. I think to colour cycle, you need to hold the power on button (1) for 5 seconds.

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