Over 100 New European Products at Z-Wave Alliance Summit


We thought 2008 would turn out to be the year that Z-Wave finally hit a critical mass in Europe.  But we’re well into the 2nd quarter and modules are still thin on the ground here in the UK at least.

It’s getting really old reading more and more press releases on new products without actually seeing anything available, but here’s another one anyway.  One day we might actually be able to buy some of this stuff.

“More than 100 European Z-Wave Products on Display – First European Home Control Summit of the Z-Wave Alliance Reflects High Market Momentum in Energy Conservation – Copenhagen / Frankfurt/Main, 16. April 2008 – With more than 220 attendees, the European Home Control Summit that took place in Frankfurt last week was a huge success and emerged immediately as the largest conference dedicated to home control in Europe. Shown in an exhibition with sponsoring companies were over 100 new European Z-Wave products in areas such as energy conservation, lighting, security, HVAC, remote home monitoring, and electrical metering. International players and industry leaders such as Nokia, Danfoss, Cisco / Linksys, Merten, Parks Associates, the Danish Energy Savings Trust, Lagotek, and Zensys informed the wall-to-wall audience in presentations and panel discussions about key trends, current market developments, plus novel home control products and solutions.

“We’re thrilled with the success of the Summit and encouraged by the strong attendance and interest in wireless home control across Europe,” noted Mark Walters, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance.  “Companies from 17 different countries were present.  With over 20 sponsors at the Summit showing more than 100 new-to-market products, the Summit is a strong validation of the continued global growth of the Z-Wave ecosystem.”

Home control and automation is rapidly emerging in Europe. According to the latest studies of renowned market analyst and consultant Parks Associates, demand for home control solutions such as lighting control, heating control, and remote home monitoring has already reached a similar level in Europe as in the United States. Thanks to more products from market leaders becoming available, a rapid market growth of more than 100 percent is predicted over the next 12 months. This trend is further fueled by the large number and growth of home networks overall. According to market analysts and experts, Z-Wave is the most successful wireless mesh networking technology in the home control market.

The European Home Control Summit organized by the Z-Wave Alliance and was held April 8-9, 2008 in Frankfurt/Main in parallel with Light + Building, the largest global trade show of its kind.  Exhibitors included the following Z-Wave Alliance members: Asphalis, Bulogics Danfoss, Data Respons, Düwi, Electronic Housekeeper, Electronic Solutions, Fakro, Hawking Technologies, Forrest, Horstmann, Innovus, Intermatic, Lagotek, Maintronic, Merten, MEV, NorthQ, Popp, Schwaiger, Seluxit, Trickle Star, and Wayne-Dalton.”

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