New Xtreme X38HD Multimedia Player

Xtreme X38HD

The Xtreme X38HD is a new high definition multimedia player with support for H.264, SATA and HDMI.  With a front mounted 2″ TFT LCD display and space for an internal hard drive the X38HD has enough connectivity on the back to satisfy the biggest of geeks.

“Enjoy digital video, music and photos on your TV. The Xtreme X38HD supports the most popular multimedia files and can be used as digital video player, music player, photo album or as a portable hard disk drive. Get all your digital video, music and photos on your Xtreme X38HD and create a digital entertainment center in your living room. So you can enjoy video, music and photos with your family and friends in high definition (Full HD 1080p) quality.”

Xtreme X38HD – Main Features

  • Chipset : The latest Sigma Design EM8623 chipset
  • 2inch TFT Color LCD built-in
  • Network Solution(10/100 Ethernet LAN and 802.11b/g Wireless LAN) – Streaming & Transferring multimedia files via LAN from your PC to TV directly.
  • ◎ NDAS Function
  • – You may copy files in your PC to the HDD of X38HD via LAN directly like Network Storage
  • ◎ USB2.0 Host Port(2 EA)
  • Playing-back multimedia files in your external USB devices like a digital camera, external
  • USB flash drive or USB flash card reader, etc.
  • ◎ e-SATA connector at rear side
  • ◎ HDMI connector is ready for high-end HD TV
  • ◎ Support H.264 video format
  • ◎ Support HD(High Definition) file format(.TP, .TRP, .TS)
  • X38HD can playback HD(high definition) video(up to 1920 x 1080) files and still images
  • ◎ Support WMV9 and WMV9 HD file format
  • ◎ Support various video format like MKV, WMV, AVI, ISO, IFO, VOB, MPG, ASF, DAT

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5 Comments on "New Xtreme X38HD Multimedia Player"

  1. At £100 more, and no hard drive, why should I get this rather than the Apple TV?

  2. I suppose it depends on what you need it to do. Although now the AppleTV has XBMC / Boxee it’s hard to argue against it (I use one myself).


  3. Mr Fluffybunny | November 14, 2008 at 7:53 pm |

    This looks like another variant of the networked media tank systems, see the Popcorn Hour. Powerful as hell, plays nearly anything you can throw at it, not terribly sexy user interface. Geekware still, but when set up becomes the swiss army knife of media players.

    I’m not knocking Apple TV, it’s got a lovely interface, and is starting to be a little more device friendly, but it’s very intolerant of various kinds of media. I do admit I’ve not tried Boxee ( sold my Apple TV some weeks ago), so best of all wishes to the developers of Boxee.

  4. I have had the X38HD for almost a week now and I must say that I am impressed. However, I encounter two problems with the device.
    The first one is that there is no audio with WMV files; its just like you put a DTS cd in a non-dts receiver. The 2nd thing is that I cannot reach the FTP server. I configured the device properly (as normal with ftp servers) but from my pc I contineously recieve an access denied. I isntalled the latest firmware, (xxx125), so I hope the bugs will be fixed soon.

  5. Hi Ton, have you tryed if the X38HD is able to use shuffle mode during playing from playlists?

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