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Here’s a new range of wireless video sender product from Marmitek, the Invisible Scart…

“EINDHOVEN – With the strong rise of LCD and Plasma TV’s the necessity to place the TV-set on nor in a large cabinet no longer exists. It is often done anyway, because the DVD-player (or other A/V-device) needs to be placed close to the TV-set. Marmitek takes advantage of this trend with the introduction of the Invisible Scart. The latest product in the field of wireless Audio and Video transmission. Now you can place your A/V-device in another corner of the room and still control it and watch the images.

How does the Invisible Scart work? – The Marmitek Invisible Scart sends a wireless signal from your VCR, DVD-players DVD-recorder, satellite dish, set top box etc. to your (second) TV-screen.

What can you do with it? – It is a stylish alternative for the thick and stiff scart cable that would otherwise run behind the TV. Furthermore, the wireless signal transmission from your A/V-device is the prefect solution if you don’t want or are unable to place your A/V- device close to your TV-set. With the infrared receiver that can be placed anywhere you can continue to control your A/V-device with your own remote control, even if it is not in sight, in a closed off cabinet, or in another room.

Freedom – The Invisible Scart works wireless, which means you are no longer bound to the length of your scart cable or the location of your A/V-devices.

Sublime simplicity – The novelty of the Invisible Scart is that it can be directly connected to the scart connection of your TV-set.

Types and price – Marmitek offer you the choice between two Invisible Scarts, namely;

The Invisible Scart 200™:
This short range version is especially suited to single room solutions and costs EUR 39,95.

The Invisible Scart 300™:
This full range version is also suitable for sending A/V signals to another room and costs EUR 49,95.

  • Wireless replacement of the scart cable.
  • Place your TV screen wherever; no long or thick scart cable in plain view anymore.
  • Control your DVD player, VCR, satellite receiver, decoder, etc. from any angle, even through a wall or cabinet door, using the freely placeable IR receiver.
  • Easy to install. The compact transmitter and receiver with a tilt scart connection fit behind any A/V equipment and TV screen, directly on the scart input.

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