New NuVo Renovia Distributes Home Audio via Mains Wiring

NuVo Music Port Elite

The NuVo Renovia uses a home’s existing electrical wiring as the cabling infrastructure for delivering audio and metadata from multiple sources to multiple rooms.

The HomePlug based power line carrier (PLC) technology is especially welcomed if you’re carrying out a retro fit into an existing property where cutting into walls or running new cables is difficult.  The new Music Port Elite (MPS4-E) builds on the success of the MPS4 but adds several new features including cloud synchronisation plus an IP control protocol that allows for integration with Crestron, AMX, and URC systems.

“NuVo Technologies, the value leader in whole home audio, is using ISE 2011 as a platform to showcase key innovations from its market-leading portfolio of products. Taking centre stage are Renovia, the breakthrough whole home audio system based on powerline technology, and the new device with a range of impressive features for dealers visiting the show. Also on display will be the powerful D460 amplifier, the NuVo App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices, as well as the Single Point In-Wall Stereo Speaker.

NuVo is showcasing the revolutionary Renovia system at ISE 2011. A high-quality, easy-to-install and easy-to-use whole home audio system, Renovia uses a home’s existing electrical wiring as the cabling infrastructure for delivering audio and metadata from multiple sources to multiple rooms. Based on HomePlug power line carrier (PLC) technology, Renovia is a high-quality solution with many advantages over traditional systems when being retrofitted. Utilizing a single, centralised hub and then a 50-watt independent zone amplifier for each intended listening area, the system is perfect for homes where cutting into walls would be difficult or impossible, while its modular approach to controllers and sources make it incredibly flexible and fully customizable to meet any customer’s needs.

The MPS4-E builds on the success of the MPS4, which began shipping in the Spring of 2010, while adding extra functionality. Like the MPS4, the unit can consolidate, organise, store and distribute PC-based audio content, while also streaming a variety of Internet Radio audio services. One of the new functions, available on the Elite version, is ‘cloud synchronisation’ which allows users to access libraries of audio content from multiple locations. Content can also be streamed directly from network-attached storage, creating infinite capacity. Dealers will also welcome the addition of IP control protocol that enables pre-built Crestron, AMX, and URC control integration and the ability to place the system on a schedule for use as an alarm clock.

Both the Music Port (MPS4) and new Music Port Elite (MPS4-E) cater for up to 4 simultaneous sources, pooling a home’s PC-based audio content, whether in WindowsMedia Player or iTunes formats, into a comprehensive and easily accessed library, while also allowing for streaming audio from a variety of online services. The MPS4 incorporates a 320 Gb hard drive, while the Elite offers 640 Gb of internal storage on top of network storage access.

Also on display is the new D460 Digital Power Amplifier – a lightweight device that delivers installation versatility in its slim, single rack design and selectable ohm rating (4-8 ohm stable). The 4 x 60 watt amplifier will also satisfy homeowners with ecological concerns, as it offers an exceptionally high operational efficiency rating and keeps energy consumption below one watt in its idle state.

ISE is well-known for its international reach and delegates will be able to preview the wide variety of native language options that NuVo now incorporates into equipment ranges.  The Essentia, Grand Concerto, and Renovia systems can be controlled using Czech, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, French and German script, as well as English.  Furthermore, with simple programming from the installer, homeowners can choose to view metadata from NuVo source components and control the system in these native tongues for complete ease of use.”

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  1. Nuvo Device | June 6, 2013 at 3:10 pm |

    The best thing in this device it produced more clear sound as compare to the original sound

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