New Linksys Media Center Extenders

 Linksys DMS2200

Linksys have announced two new Media Center Extenders.  Due around November they are reported to include HDMI connectivity as well as 802.11N high-speed wireless.

The DMA2200 also includes a built in up-scaling DVD player.  Built in Smart Home features include the ability to view and listen in on cameras around your home, right from the media center interface.

“It’s great to store photos, music and movies on your computer. But it’s hard to share them with friends and family. What if you could view digital photos, movies and high definition programs on your TV, and listen to downloaded music on your home theater sound system? With the Linksys Media Center Extender you can!  Access digital content and Internet services from your Microsoft Windows Vista Premium or Ultimate Media Center PC and wirelessly stream it to your home entertainment system.”

Linksys DMA2100

  • Easily navigate menus with a single learning remote
  • Built-in upscaling DVD player with the DMA2200
  • Uses existing high-speed Wireless-N home network [Now]

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