New iRidium Mobile Ultimate License for Unlimited AMX Control

iRidium Mobile for AMX

Russian smart home software developers, iRidium, have  announced a new type of license for their AMX control application.  The ‘Ultimate License’ for iRidium Mobile offers an unlimited number of control panels for complex control of audio/video equipment, and home automation from any device.

One License, One Site – UNLIMITED Number of Control Devices! – iRidium mobile Ltd. – a dedicated software provider for home automation control solutions – introduced a New Type of License – Ultimate License for AMX.

It is a license which is bound to an AMX controller (or to a network of AMX controllers) enabling you to control from an UNLIMITED number of control panels (iOS or Windows XP/7)

iRidium Ultimate License for AMX has been made on request of dealers and installers worldwide to simplify installation and maintenance of ambitious AMX projects. With iRidium Ultimate License you can:

  • Communicate with an AMX controller (or a network of AMX controllers) from an UNLIMITED number of panels
  • Easily replace control panels in case of their loss, damage or upgrade
  • Add new control devices at any stage of your project with no need for licensing
  • Transfer the license to a new controller for free if the old one needs to be replaced

iRidium Development Team continually opens up new possibilities for developing projects across the Residential, Marine & Commercial markets. Coming soon:

  • iRidium Ultimate for Crestron and KNX (through Weinzierl KNX IP BAOS)
  • iRidium for AMX and Mac
  • iRidium for AMX and Android

If you are an installer or integrator and have not yet tried the possibilities of iRidium, you can obtain a free, unrestricted demo license for one iPad, one iPhone and one Windows XP / Windows 7 device by registering here.  :  AMX Control with New iRidium iPad App

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