New Helvar Dimmer for Trailing Edge LED Fittings

Helvars new DIGIDIM 454 is a 4 channel DIN rail mounted trailing-edge dimmer. Helvar says applications include “high-end homes” and the new design benefits from an integrated illuminated LED display for intuitive monitoring and local manual configuration.

“Helvar has expanded its range of dimmers to include the new trailing-edge DIGIDIM 454 which has been developed for applications ranging from high-end homes to hospitality and corporate installations. This latest dimmer offering also allows Helvar to satisfy the growing demand for quality dimmers for LED lighting installations and completes its range of cost-effective dimmer solutions.

The 4 channel dimmer is DIN rail mounted and is compatible with Helvar’s DIGIDIM systems and designer software. The dimmer controls up to 2.2A through each channel, which makes it perfectly suited to hotel installations where single rooms require control. The unit also benefits from an illuminated LED segment display with a push button interface for intuitive monitoring, manual configuration and control.

“As the DIGIDIM 454 is trailing-edge it fills a gap in our current portfolio,” says Paul Wilmshurst, Managing Director at Helvar UK. “It is ideal for the hospitality market and being of compact size can fit into the tight spaces common to many other small-scale commercial installations.”

The 454 connects directly to mains voltage lamps or those requiring transformers and supports both capacitive and resistive loads.

Key Features

  • Trailing-edge dimmer
  • LED segment and push buttons for manual configuration including following output types: Linear, Square, S-law, DALI Logarithmic, SSL curve and DALI linear.
  • Manual wired override input.
  • Voltage and frequency compensation.
  • Over current and temperature protection included.
  • Power on to last level

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