New Current Cost CC128

Current Cost 128

Despite many emails to Current Cost we were disappointed that they seemed unwilling to reply to us, let alone sending any info or photos of their new unit.  However, our forums have some information and links to a great review of the new hardware from Dale Lane.

“…the new meter has support for collecting data from not only the ‘whole house sensor’ as before, but also support for up to nine individual appliance sensors. There aren’t any individual appliance sensors available yet, but this is an exciting sign of things to come. Presumably at some point there will be plug adaptors which include a transmitter, making this new CurrentCost display an aggregator for multiple sources of input. That will be very cool.

With my current meter, the XML it produces gives separate values for each channel input for the current reading only. History is returned as an aggregation of all three channels.

Impressively, the CC128 maintains and produces separate history data for each individual sensor as well as the whole house sensor.  Electric logo – The meter also explicitly identifies the sensor type, with ‘1′ for ‘electricity’ – both on the display and in the XML data it produces. Again, this is an exciting teaser for what might be to come….”

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Read the full review at Dale Lane’s Blog : Details of the new XML Data :

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5 Comments on "New Current Cost CC128"

  1. Information from Current Cost say that this will be released by end of Jan for £45 (same as current model).

  2. Damn, and I’ve just received mine.

  3. I ordered one of these back in March. Pretty good devices if you want to download the data to a PC, but otherwise I would recommend you avoid and go with a company that will offer some customer service. The service from this company, in my experience, was regularly slapdash and incompetent. Here’s what happened to me, when I elected to pay via BACS:

    – requested via email to pay using bank transfer
    – waited nine days for a response
    – had to chase firm by email and two voicemails
    – had to email again, copying in their PR company
    – received tel call and firm promised to find bank details to phone them through
    – waited another day
    – another email from me at this point was left unreplied to
    – sent some suggestions on how Current Cost could improve their awful customer service, by email, which was again unreplied to
    – complained to Current Cost by email, getting cheesed off at this point
    – received general apology by email, but it did not explain why I’d received such poor service
    – persisted for an explanation as to why the service I’d received was so bad, explaining that ebay recommends an attempt at dispute resolution before neutral feedback is left
    – email came back promising contact from Managing Director or Key Account Manager in two weeks
    – this never materialised

    Unfortunately I left it too long before I could register neutral/poor feedback on ebay, which is lucky for the firm in question. My advice therefore would be – if you just want to keep an eye on your consumption, and are not interested in the PC data transfer, avoid if you can!

  4. Jason Meredith | January 8, 2010 at 8:27 pm |

    I just got my new cc128 before I ordered customer service was great, we’ll see how it is if I run into any issues… I am now in the process of trying to get the xml data out to my mac


  5. My Envi arrived a few days ago from SmartNow. Had a few issues with connecting it as I’m monitoring multiple circuits and my solar system with it. Got good support and advice and now got it running using CurrentChart (freeware). Working a treat.

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