NetStream DigiLinX IP-Based Multi-Room Audio

This looks like a very nice IP based whole house audio system. The in-wall touchscreen controllers look superb and there’s a link to a UK distributor too…

“NetStreams’ DigiLinX IP-Based Multi-Room Audio distribution offers super high quality multi-room audio and control. The DigiLinX system distributes audio over CAT5e using TCP/IP on a segmented section of an Ethernet network – the Home Entertainment Network, with no additional networking equipment requirements. DigiLinX converts audio from a legacy source, in real-time, into uncompressed audio streams (.WAV), allowing up to 24-bit/96kHz, studio quality audio to be distributed throughout a home or commercial facility. The level of audio performance is limited only by the quality of the source material.

TouchLinX™ is an elegant IP-based touch-screen keypad featuring a 3.8-inch, high resolution, TFT color LCD touch panel. Although designed to run the DigiLinX™ multi-room audio system user interfaces, the TL380 is capable of running other applications on its Windows® CE operating system, and contains a Macromedia® Flash® player for running elegant and animated rich user interfaces.

The TouchLinX TL380 also features a built-in 4-port, 10/100 Ethernet switch for a whole host of connection opportunities, including integration with a wireless access point, IP-based security camera, and additional SpeakerLinX devices, to mention a few.

When integrated in a DigiLinX IP-Based Multi-Room Audio system, the TouchLinX TL380 displays the meta-data (artist, album, song, cover art and play list) and transport controls available for each audio source or SpeakerLinX™ module. Its simple, intuitive design allows users to access their favorite songs, artists, play lists, or stations easily and quickly. Each room can have customized bass, treble, and balance. Consumers can also control playback of audio streams in one or all rooms throughout the home from a different room…

The TouchLinX TL380 is designed with four backlit (blue LED), hard keys, which ship with the standard labels: Audio (amp on/off), Mute, and a Plus sign for volume up, and a Minus sign for volume down. Future software upgrades will allow these functions to be changed via the DigiLinX Dealer Set-Up Program and custom engraved buttons will be available.

In a DigiLinX application, the TL380 essentially requires no programming! Once an audio source is connected to the network and set up using the DigiLinX Dealer Set-Up Program, the TL380 automatically identifies that audio source and the relevant screens appear on the LCD touch panel for easy control. TouchLinX fits easily in a standard 2-gang backless box or P-ring and is available in White, Almond, Ivory, Black, and Titanium colored faceplates.

  • User-intuitive in-wall LCD touch screen controller.
  • Amazing Flash-based graphics
  • Built-in 4 port Ethernet switch
  • Fits Standard 2-gang box.
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Available in White, Almond, Ivory, Black, and Titanium faceplates.”

NetStreams’ DigiLinX

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