Nest is Testing Its Learning Thermostat in the UK

Our Nest Learning Thermostat Review was number 2 in our top 20 most read Automated Home posts last year.  We’ve just heard on the grapevine that Nest is now actively signing up UK home owners for a trial of their thermostat.

Currently the Nest is an easy swap out for existing low voltage stats like those used in the USA, but not the high voltage types that are usually fitted in the UK.

We hear Nest are planning to fit the stats to a wide range of UK heating systems with a representative from the company calling into homes to carry out compatibility tests.

In return the lucky testers will be able to keep their Nest units.  Lets hope the tests go well so the Nest can be launched in the UK soon.   :   Read Our Nest Thermostat Review   [Thanks Simon]

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10 Comments on "Nest is Testing Its Learning Thermostat in the UK"

  1. So, how does one get considered by Nest for testing?

  2. ^ snap !!!!

  3. Nest, in the US at least (and I am sure as I imported one) only has control for central heating, not hot water. This however is similar to that of British Gas remote control system which I installed instead. I don’t understand why the BG system doesn’t control water too as it would make so much more sense.

    Also, US systems work on 24v switching, whereas we tend to us 240v. Kudos to Nest for giving it a go.

  4. Likewise and who told you?

    I’ve just emailed them with a direct question and no mention of this deal …

  5. PW – this was not a ‘deal’, but an invitation only trial (now closed).

  6. Does anyone know when they are coming to the UK? This is the only decent looking thermostat I can find.

    I’m having a new underfloor heating system installed which has a 24v control unit, so it should work. I just can’t confirm this or find to correct wiring diagram. Anyone confirm this or have wiring details?

  7. I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in the beta trial of tado, and I’m still using it. I think it’s great. It is not as pretty as the Nest thermostat (in fact it is not pretty at all, should be shut away in the cupboard as it is just a blank white box), but the system is really well thought through and the app is very good.

  8. hello i have boiller vaillant ecotec pro 28 and i have buy RXVBC605 receiver and salus IT500BM can i connect that to my boiler?
    and i connect and the receiver of IT500 by cable to my boiler or only the RXVBC605? plz help

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