Neets to Launch New Projector Control System

Danish company Neets, will launch its newest control system – Foxtrot – at the ISE in Amsterdam next week…

“The Neets Control – FoXtrot is the smallest version of projector control systems in the Neets product portfolio. Even though small – probably the world’s smallest – the economical system accesses all vital functions of large screen projectors while at the same time controlling the functions of the room (light, projection screen or room darkening). The Neets Control – FoXtrot is unique in its design. One of the special features is that the system has NO power ON button. The system starts automatically when pressing any of the source keys on the panel. Like all Neets’ products the Neets Control – FoXtrot is intelligent but at the same time easy to use, which includes configuration software and installing…

The system is easily reprogrammed without dismounting the panel. You just insert your programming connector in the front of the panel. It is absolutely no problem to install the Neets Control – FoXtrot, because the panel complies with the European standards of wall outlets and other cable canal mounting devices. The Neets Control – FoXtrot combines design and functionality in a small, effective and easy to use control system.”
Visit the Neets stand at ISE 2007 in Amsterdam (booth number A100).

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