Microsoft and Leviton in Z-Wave Partnership

Electronic House are reporting on a new venture between Microsoft and Leviton designed to bring remote controlled lighting and other Z-Wave-enabled home automation products…
“Leviton has joined forces with software giant Microsoft Corporation to offer a way to remotely control lighting and other Z-Wave-enabled home automation schemes using any number of popular consumer electronic products.
Bridging the Microsoft/Leviton connection is the industry’s first Z-Wave-compliant Ethernet gateway, the Vizia RF Foyer from Leviton. Available during the second quarter of this year, the Vizia RF Foyer will connect to a PC or laptop Ethernet port and transmit signals to a Z-Wave home control network…

  • Available Q2 2007
  • Works via Z-Wave technology
  • Line includes dimmers, switches, controllers, lamp modules, and other appliances


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