MaxBlox EZ Termination for DB9 Serial Connectors

Screw Terminal RS-232 Serial Plug

The DB9 Connectors from the MaxBlox EZ Termination System allow you to terminate your cable with just a screwdriver!  Ideal for those RS-232 or RS-422 cables in a home automation setup, these are a god-send when you want a fast finish and don’t want to get the soldering iron out.

“BTX Technologies, winner of the 2005 CEDIA “Manufacturers’ Excellence Award,” will be showcasing the MaxBlox™ CD-MX9M (male) and CD-MX9F (female) DB9 connectors. Building on the technology of BTX’s previous solutions, the CD-MX9M and CD-MX9F are patent-pending professional nine-pin D-sub connectors that feature an innovative and rugged design, allowing installers to terminate a DB9 with just a screwdriver.

The connectors can be panel- or cable-mounted in a MaxBlox CD-MX915H hood in a fraction of the time it would take to solder, saving installers both time and money. When used in conjunction with the hood, these connectors simply slide, snap, and lock into the hood without the use of tools.

Optimized for use in any RS-232 or RS-422 applications, the DB9 connectors are manufactured by BTX with genuine Phoenix Contact® terminal blocks, the industry standard for reliability. They are also available in HD15 male and female for VGA applications”

Screw Terminal RS-232 Serial Plug

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