Marmitek Launch the SD MemoryCam2

Marmitek have launched another interesting new gadget aimed at the smart home market.  The “SD MemoryCam2” consists of a small CCTV camera  and a seperate recording device which captures images onto a SD Flash card.  A 2 gig card will hold up to 24,000 picture. The device is on sale now at around 150.00 Euro.

“The SD MemoryCam2 is an outdoor colour camera with a separate SD recorder. The images recorded by the camera can be reviewed directly on your TV or PC. The recording of pictures and videos is automatic, and can be initiated by motion detection as well as by external triggering, such as the opening of a door. The MemoryCam2 is extremely easy to install.

The possibilities are infinite. For example, you can use it to keep an eye on your car, parked at your driveway or in front of the house, or on the children playing at the swimming pool. The MemoryCam2 is also very suitable for observing areas which are out of sight, (inner) courtyards, and objects that are at a distance from the house such as the garage, storeroom, horse barn, etc. It is also very suitable for small businesses. For example, you could install it at the cash desk, in the warehouse or in the filing room.

When your camera is installed at a noticeable place, then you’ll also profit from its preventive effect. Those who are aware of being monitored by a camera, will behave themselves of course. The images are not recorded in the camera itself, but rather in the separate recorder, which you can place safely in a locked space. That way, it isn’t possible for a visitor to get access to the recorded data.
The SD MemoryCam2 will always keep you informed about what goes on, in and around your premises, which gives you a safe feeling.

Technical data

  • As many as 24,000 pictures / 3,200 events (with a 2GB SD card).
  • Camera suitable for outside use.
  • Colour camera with 5 IR LEDs for a clear image up to 1.5 till 2 metres in complete darkness.
  • Prevents recording images of repeated motion, using the intelligent learning mode.
  • Provided with external trigger input and alarm output.

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