Loxone Reveal New Schueco Extension

Loxone Schueco Extension

Next up in Loxone’s October product launch schedule is the new Schueco Extension.

This device allows the integration of up to 30 Schueco units and with the Extension, windows and sliding doors can be opened, closed, stopped and tilted automatically. You’ll also receive feedback on the current opening percentage and the locked status too.

Schueco Extension

Integrate Schueco TipTronic SimplySmart windows & sliding doors into buildings controlled and automated with Loxone. At the touch of a button, windows and even large, heavy sliding doors can be opened and closed automatically. With this extension, windows and doors become an even more integral part of buildings automated with Loxone.

  • Complete integration of Schueco TipTronic SimplySmart windows & sliding doors into intelligent buildings.
  • Open, close or tilt windows and doors automatically, or with an effortless tap of a switch.
  • Control of up to 30 Schueco units per extension.
  • Visualise the open percentage and lock status.
  • Intuitive pairing and integration via Loxone Config.

loxone.com : schueco.com

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