Loxone Reveal New Audioserver & Stereo Extension

Loxone Audioserver

Loxone have just live streamed their latest produce reveal on YouTube. Billed as the “biggest product revolution since the miniserver”, the new purple product is the new Loxone Audioserver.

Along with the new Stereo Extension, the pair remove the need for a 19″ data rack to house a media server, instead moving them into the DIN-rail enclosure along with the rest of the Loxone smart home components.

The Audioserver has a 100Mbps Ethernet port and SSL support, plus 4 speaker / amplifier outputs as well as USB and SD card options for local file storage. Loxone say energy consumption has been reduced to around 20% of the last gen Audio Server hardware.

It is designed to be scaleable and new ‘Tree Turbo’ technology provides a high performance data connection up to 150m between the Audioserver and up to 10 Stereo Extensions. This allows the extension to be local to the speakers if required. Multiple Audioservers can be installed on one site.

The Audioserver and the Stereo Extension are available from today and can be purchased directly through a Loxone Partner – Audioserver £357 (excl. VAT), Stereo Extension £178.50 (excl. VAT)

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Loxone launches two new audio products – dawning the next revolution

Eleven years ago, Loxone introduced the humble yet powerful Miniserver to the automation industry. Soon followed with a trusty Extension, this powerful duo were not only capable of so much in themselves, but they represented a new era in building automation; opening the door to an impressive lineup of hardware and software from Loxone, offering a complete automation solution for smart homes, commercial premises and custom applications.

Now, Loxone has unveiled the Audioserver and Stereo Extension – two products that will start the next revolution; the Audio Revolution. The way we listen to music in our own homes or commercial buildings has changed. The audio market has changed. And with that, multiroom audio is about more than just music.

This is why the development of the Audiosever and Stereo Extension has been so important at Loxone. It enables a wide range of intelligent functionality more in line with the versatile relationship we now have with audio. From text-to-speech and voice announcements to intelligent burglar alarms and smart doorbells. All of this comes at no cost to the building’s aesthetics as the Audioserver is perfectly happy to work behind the scenes.

Loxone Audioserver Schematic

The impressively powerful Audioserver has been designed from the ground up to be exceptionally flexible and scalable. It contains 4 speaker/amplifier outputs, allowing Loxone installers to implement a myriad of combinations of stereo and downmixed mono zones. Coupled with the possibility to expand the setup with Stereo Extensions this really is a solution fit for purpose in smart homes, apartment buildings, offices, event spaces, shopping centres, and anywhere else in need of high-quality audio.

The Audioserver is small in size but certainly big on performance. It’s compact 9 TE housing (which is exactly the same as the Loxone Miniserver) is designed to be DIN-rail mounted. This coupled with a streamlined configuration process using Loxone Config means that Loxone installers can install and commission this purple powerhouse in record time.

Loxone Partners will recognise the Green/White connectors, usually associated with Loxone Tree. In the case of the Audioserver and Stereo Extensions, this will be used for Tree Turbo. A high-performance data connection between the Audioserver and Stereo Extensions. Tree Turbo adds another dimension of scalability, offering an attractive decentralised way of expanding the system – so you could wire from the distribution board to a Stereo Extension installed locally to where the speaker is – all with the added versatility of a free-form wiring topology.

Technical Information

The Audioserver will include the following interfaces:

  • LAN interface for communication with the Miniserver
    • Network sharing of media
    • 100Mbps
    • IPv4/IPv6
    • SSL
  • USB 2.0 Type A for external storage devices
    • USB Sticks: FAT32, single partition, max. 512GB
    • USB HHD: FAT32/NTFS/EXT3/EXT4, max 1TB, max. 500mA
  • Micro SD card slot for locally saved audio
    • 8GB Industrial Micro SD
  • Supported formats (Network sharing, USB, SD card)
    • MP3
    • AAC
    • ALAC
    • Flac
    • WMA
    • WMA lossless
    • WAV
    • M4A
    • OOG
  • Line-in (for connecting microphones or other similar devices)
  • Line-out (for analogue signal transmission without an amplifier)
  • SPDIF-out
  • 4x Amplifier/Speaker outputs
    • 4-8 Ohm
    • 20Hz … 20kHz
    • Max. peak performance: 50W per channel
    • Max. RMS power: 18W per channel
    • Type: Class D
  • ●  Green/White connectors for Tree Turbo (for up to 10 Stereo Extensions)
    • up to 150m in cable length
  • Orange/White connectors for Power supply: 18VDC…26VDC

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