Linn Launch Kivor

Linns interesting new hard disk based music system “Kivor” was launched recently at CES. – “The KNEKT KIVOR, high quality music on demand system is the ultimate solution for multi-zone installations and sophisticated single system installations. This web-enabled, hard drive, high-fidelity pitch accurate recording and playback audio distribution system, demonstrates the range and flexibility of Linn’s advanced capabilities in providing total solutions for domestic and commercial applications.

The expandable and upgradable design of the KNEKT KIVOR simplifies multi-room installation and user access to the widest range of programme material. Linn’s new and sophisticated proprietary audio technology PCI card designed specifically for the KNEKT KIVOR enables computerised pitch accurate high-fidelity sound recording and playback. The KNEKT KIVOR can record, replay and distribute from digital, analogue and on-line media, offers superior sound reproduction quality to conventional CD changers or other hard-drive replay-only systems, and has a high degree of immunity to vibration and shock.

The KNEKT KIVOR can be accessed from up to 128 zones in a Linn Knekt Intersekt system via a Linn Knekt keypad, and touchscreen and computer. With a KNEKT KIVOR, music content can be simultaneously accessed by up to 16 users independently with individual start times. This expandable new technology product complements all aspects of other Linn Knekt multi-zone and Linn music and cinema components. This comprehensive product is designed to meet the present and future requirements of the most demanding audio applications, enhancing the ease of control and scope of total entertainment systems and simplifying their installation.”


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