LG DivX FLAT TVs with 80GB Drive

These flat panel LCD and Plasma TVs have 80GB drives built in allowing them to record just like a PVR.  The TVs also have a USB 2 port which enables them to playback DivX, jpg and mp3 from Flash media and other external USB drives…

“LG’s DivX-certified Time Machine TV Series includes three LCD models – the 47LB5RE, 42LB5RT, 37LB4RT -and two plasma models, the 50PB4RT and 42PB4RT. LG’s DivX-certified Time Machine TVs deliver remarkable image and audio quality for digital content using much less bandwidth than regular analog devices. The series features a built-in 80 gigabyte hard disc drive for Time Shift function and recording, USB 2.0 port for backing up recorded content and MP3, JPEG and DivX playback capability. The Time Machine TV Series also boasts a simultaneous watch-and-record function.”

LG Press Release   :   Product Info (Asian)

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