Intelligent Computer Controlled Sprinkler System Uses Weather Data

Cyber Rain Sprinkler

Ever wished your sprinkler system was more intelligent (or ever wished you lived somewhere nice enough to NEED a sprinkler system). The Cyber Rain is an 8-zone unit that’s more intelligent than your average irrigation system.

Utilising the power of a PC and local weather data it adjusts your schedules and the amount of water used depending on the prevailing conditions.  This one is just for our America cousins as it requires a ZipCode to work.

“Cyber-Rain is a ground-breaking smart sprinkler control system that gives homeowners an easy way to save 30-70 percent on their landscape watering bills by using the ease and convenience of the personal computer and automatic weather updates from the internet.

Most sprinkler control systems on the market today rely on manually adjusted timers to regulate watering schedules. Cyber-Rain works through your PC to automatically adjust the amount of watering based on weather and seasonal conditions, saving you time, water and plant replacement costs by stopping the sprinkler system on rainy days, automatically decreasing the watering schedule on cold or humid days, and increasing it on hot and dry days.”

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  1. Wow! I would love to see that in action. I can’t even begin to understand how something like that can sense the humidity and adjust based on how humid it is.

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