HomeVision on Limited Time Half Price Special Offer


We’ve heard from Custom Solutions that their hightly regarded HomeVision Home Automation controller is available at a very special offer price from now until the end of May –

“We currently have an excess supply of HomeVision units in stock and would like to reduce it.  We’re offering two special deals through May: Offer 1 We will sell a complete HomeVision package for just $295, approximately half of the typical street price.  Offer 2 We will sell a spare HomeVision board to current owners for just $140, 30% less than the usual $200 price for a spare board.

Update for UK purchasers – Custom Solutions have asked us to point out the following – “HomeVision on 220V requires changing two items Power supply and the TW523 X-10 powerline interface.  The US HomeVision version ships with 110V versions of these devices, 220V versions are usually obtained from HomeVisions international distributors.  However, we will exclude these items and reduce the price by $25.  The “package” would then include the HomeVision unit, software, manual, serial cable, and phone cable (for X-10 interface module) and would cost $270.”

If you’re interested in either of these offers, contact us at [email protected] . Although we normally don’t sell directly to users, we’re making an exception for these offers.

If you’re a current HomeVision owner without a spare board, we suggest you consider either getting a spare board or some spare parts (see our recommended parts list here: http://www.csi3.com/Lightning.htm).  Here in the southern United States, thunderstorm season is approaching.


Every year, lightning strikes cause a lot of damage, and HomeVision isn’t immune.  With all the wiring that most users have connected to HomeVision, it’s hard to stop a nearby lighting strike from getting into HomeVision and damaging it.  If you have spare parts or a board on hand, you can quickly get HomeVision (and your home) running again.  If you depend on HomeVision for any import functions that you wouldn’t want to do without, be prepared!”


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