HomeHub – New Home Control and Monitoring System Now Available

HomeHub would like to thank all the Automated Home readers that took part in the beta trial of the software earlier this year. Their help has been invaluable and we are pleased to announce that Version 1 of the software is now available.

HomeHub puts home control in your hands. You can control and monitor your lighting, appliances, security cameras and entertainment systems through a range of devices whether you’re at home or anywhere else in the world. It has been designed with both simplicity and affordability in mind.

HomeHub is designed to allow users of all levels to create and control an automated home based around existing standards and technologies using devices that are available today. You control and monitor your property through one easy to use browser-based interface from any computer on your home network, from a wireless PDA or smartphone or from the TV.

Most importantly, HomeHub provides you with the ability to access your property remotely via the internet using our own secure connection technology and making more of your broadband connection. No complex firewall setup or router configuration is required.

A comprehensive Events Engine allows you to create and maintain events that can be anything from simply turning a light on or off at the correct time to recording video from cameras and alerting you via email or SMS text message to motion detection or other events that may be triggered.

HomeHub can make use of devices and equipment you already own allowing you to continually add to and improve your digital home one step at a time. HomeHub uses existing technology standards such as Ethernet, USB, X10, 1-Wire and UPnP and so is compatible with a wide range of devices.

At its very simplest, all you need to get started is a PC, a broadband connection and a webcam for an instant camera monitoring system that includes secure remote access over the internet, motion detection, text or email alerts and camera file storage on your PC or our servers.

But HomeHub allows you to do much more than that.

HomeHub is being offered on one month’s free trial and then a low monthly fee of just £9.95. No up front costs, no hidden charges, just affordable, simple control.

The HomeHub Core Software

  • HomeHub Network: Device recognition and configuration
  • Comprehensive Events Engine: e.g. Perform actions A and B in response to trigger Z. All devices in the HomeHub network can be referenced by the Events Engine and multiple events can be built up.
  • Software and Driver updates: Automatically ensure all software is up to date
  • Remote Access: Secure remote access and control for all devices, services and shared files
  • Remote monitoring: Monitoring and diagnostics can be performed on the HomeHub by customer services if required

The HomeHub Services

  • Automation: Control and automate lighting, heating, locking systems and appliances and monitor and record information from devices. Has environmental, security, energy saving, time saving and comfort benefits
  • Security: Install and use motion sensors, network and USB cameras, alarms, alerts (text and email), smoke detectors, hardware keys and all home automation features to easily create a comprehensive custom security and safety system
  • Entertainment: Organised storage and playback for media (music and pictures) on any capable device. Simple sharing of pictures on your home PC with friends and family all over the world.
  • Alerts: Send text message or email (with picture attachment if required) to specific numbers or email addresses when triggered by an event
  • Shared Folders: Easily share folders and files on the home PC for simple secure access over the internet when away from home. Also upload files back to your PC from your remote location. No complex setup or router configuration is required.
  • On-line Storage: Central storage provided on HomeHub servers for camera recordings and accessed through user area.

But for the monthly fee not only do you get the HomeHub software, you also get the following

  • Secure remote access to your HomeHub any time of the day or night
  • 5 free text message alerts per month (top-ups available)
  • Email alerts from your HomeHub
  • 64Mb of storage space on our servers for your security camera recordings
  • Customer and technical support
  • Monthly software updates
  • Monthly newsletter

Once you have downloaded the software we give you one month’s free subscription to get you started and let you evaluate the software! You can easily cancel your subscription at any time if you need to.

HomeHub also sells a range of complementary hardware to allow you to build up your digital home. We are constantly developing drivers for new hardware as well as increasing the functionality by listening hard to customer feedback.

We are more than happy to offer advice and help you work out what you need for your particular application. Customer requirements are very different and we already have HomeHub installations in large and small domestic settings as well as commercial environments from a village hall to a car showroom! Send us an email to [email protected] with any questions you may have.

HomeHub currently runs on a PC under Windows 2000 or XP – Linux and Mac versions are currently in testing and will be released later this summer.

Lots more information, including screenshots and examples of the software in use, a live demo area and more detailed explanations can be found on the newly rebuilt website at…


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