EXCLUSIVE – New WebBrick Launched

I have been communicating with new start-up venture “O2M8” for several months now on their new “WebBrick” home automation product. This morning they are officially launching the hardware device, aimed at a wide range of automation tasks, from lighting control (DMX dimmer support) to pet care.

Multipe WebBricks can be easily sited beside each application, allowing retro-fit to existing properties. Homes with structured cabling can still use single or multiple units in a “node zero” type arrangement. The software employs Python/PHP scripts (open source) and offers web and mobile phone SMS integration. One of the most obvious applications for this device is as a central heating controller. The hardware specifications include…

  • Process control device with 8 states machines
  • Network interface & web browser configuration panels
  • 8 configurable trigger inputs
  • 12 TTL digital inputs
  • 8 TTL & O.C digital outputs
  • 1 Temperature sensor input
  • 1 Rotary encoder input
  • 2 Analogue outputs
  • 1 Analogue input

We hope to be starting a competiton shortly to win a WebBrick. In the meantime, read the press release below, and visit the O2M8 website…

“O2M8 Ltd, a leading innovator in building automation technology development, system design and deployment, today introduced the industry’s first process control unit with a TCP/IP network interface purposely built for deterministic system control and monitoring. The WebBrick WB10B151 product is available immediately in PCB form or as a development system delivered in a robust ‘Gewiss IP56’ enclosure.

The WB10B151 has been designed to ease the burden on system installers when there is a need to install, improve or incrementally add functionality to building automation systems. The WebBrick comes with eight state machines, a range of input and output channels that can accommodate most requirements and a pre-programmed web server which provides a configuration menu when connected to a web browser. The WebBrick can be configured to work singularly or when connected to a TCP/IP network can be made to work or cooperate with other WebBricks and other manufacturers control units that use similar network connections.


The WebBrick PCB
(Click to Enlarge)

System installers are looking for ways to reduce installation and verification times yet still offer a quality service to their customers. Competitive equipment to the WebBrick typically requires the integrator to use a programming language (e.g. Visual Basic) to implement any new feature. The problem this presents is that the new feature will be non-deterministic, unreliable and certainly unproven in the customers system. In comparison configuring the WebBrick is made fast through a web browser interface and once complete it is robust, reliable, deterministic and smart enough to continue working even after mains power interruptions. Reducing the time spent in configuring equipment during the integration task allows the customer’s system to be up and running more quickly allowing the installer to move on to their next job on time. For the installer this means less time installing, more reliable and robust and supportable long after installation, improvements in productivity, happier customers and in consequence a more successful business.

The WebBrick development system is supplied with a power supply and an installation CD with a quick start guide for , soft copy of the WebBrick’s users operating manual, a WebBrick datasheet, examples of configuration files, PHP Libraries and XML files for creating the ‘look and feel’ of the WebBrick host user interface and Python scripts for building new WebBrick applications on a host computer. A WebBrick PCB is shipped as is with the installation CD. The O2M8 website also provides access to WebBrick manuals, datasheets, stories, application notes and a Forum.

The WebBrick ‘WB10B151’ is priced at £129.95 + Packaging / Postage & VAT.
The WebBrick development system ‘WB10B151-DEVSYS’ is priced at £299.95 + Packaging / Postage & VAT.


The WebBrick Development Kit
(Click to Enlarge)

O2M8 Ltd is a leading innovator in building automation technology development, system design and deployment for the UK. Utilising standards-based commodity products from other parallel industries, O2M8 architects and designs building automation systems that can be made available in the UK at significantly lower cost than competitors. O2M8 also develops new standards-based technologies and products that integrate well with existing solutions. O2M8 make systems more suitable for the UK by offering flexibility and extensibility with appropriate user interfaces and feature sets.

Meeting the customer requirements across a wider range of budgets extends the acceptability of O2M8’s ‘smart home’ solutions to a much higher proportion of the UK population than others.

Web: www.o2m8.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone : +44 [0] 1189 301833
Fax : +44 [0] 1189 301831


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