A new optical storage technology promises tiny 500 meg discs costing just ! Drives will be built into all sort of devices including MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras etc and PCMCIA or CF adapted drives may be available too.

“January 8, 2001 – Las Vegas, Consumer Electronics Show- DataPlay, Inc., took top honors as the Best Overall Lifestyle Product at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, according to Tech TV (formerly ZDTV) judges. The DataPlay digital media, which qualified for Overall Lifestyle by first winning Best of Show in the Mobile Device category, is a universal media solution about the size of a quarter that is designed to permanently store a vast amount of digital content, whether downloaded off the Internet, prerecorded (mastered) or created by consumers. DataPlay also received the CES Innovations 2001 award in the Blank Media category at the show in recognition of its innovative consumer electronics product.”

Data Play

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