Cytech Launch Comfigurator 3 for Comfort

Cytech Launch Comfigurator 3

Cytech Europe Limited is the UK distributor of the Comfort Intelligent Home System that incorporates an intruder alarm system, a home automation system that can control lighting, appliances, heating and airconditioning, an 8 mailbox voicemail system and doorphone intercom system.  “Comfigurator” is the software to program the system, and V3.0 has just been released for download…

“Cytech Europe Limited has introduced new programming software for their Comfort Intelligent Home System – Comfigurator 3.

This new software can be downloaded using this link:   Comfigurator 3 provides a major improvement to the user interface and functionality with many new features.  Full technical details about the new software can be found on the website

Some of the new features include

  • New User Interface with 3 pane view allowing easier editing.
  • cclx file and cctx template formats to replace ccl and cct files
  • Auto Save interval
  • Selection of Toolbar items
  • Monitor I/O in View options instead of seperate pop-up window
  • Support for new UCM/USB. Connection settings include Serial, USB, Network
  • Modules Tab for UCMs. Supports Scanning of UCM Types and firmware version info
  • Supports new UCMs; Zwave, HDL Configurator in Modules Tab. UCM is no longer in Names
  • IR Transmit Codes which are used are saved in the cclx file
  • Zones can be dragged and dropped, and copy/paste operation is supported
  • Configuration Flags for “Detect Battery Disconnect” and “Require  Engineer Code to write”
  • In Sunrise/Sunset Times, the city is saved in the cclx file
  • Response Wizard – IF x AND y, IF x OR Y conditions
  • Response Wizard – Move actions up/down in a Response
  • Response Wizard – supports comments for each action
  • Prevent writing wrong or mismatched  file system to Comfort which would  cause red/green leds to turn on and system not to operate
  • Import Configuration screens (Tuning Parameter, Voice Settings, etc from other files
  • Sorting order of Responses (Name, Number) is saved for each file”

Comfort is recommended and fitted by a nationwide network of custom installers in the UK and Ireland listed on the website: under Contacts.

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