Crestron TPS-6X Touchpanel Coming In White

Crestron TPS-6X Touchpanel

We reported back in June on the gorgeous new TPS-6X touchpanel from Crestron.  Now the company have announced a new white version of the 5.7″ active matrix colour touchscreen coming in December.

“Crestron’s revolutionary new TPS-6X touchpanel, hitherto available in sleek black, will soon be available in cool white!  Designed for speed, style and extreme versatility, the TPS-6X from redefines touchpanel design for the 21st Century. High-end aesthetics abound in its ergonomic design – from the bright, beautiful colour touchscreen and illuminated pushbuttons, to the alluring contour of its tiltable docking base – these features combine to make the TPS-6X the new touchpanel of choice for the residential environment.

The TPS-6X streamlines the Crestron family of touchpanels panels by combining the features and functionality previously found in nine other models making this the one perfect solution for any application. While docked, the TPS-6X is a wired Cresnet or Ethernet connected panel with full-motion video display and when undocked the panel automatically switches to a wireless RF device with long-range, high-speed two-way RF communication up to 200 feet.

Key Features:

  • 5.7″ active matrix colour touchscreen display
  • 16-bit Isys graphics 640 x 480 resolution
  • full-motion video while docked
  • high-speed 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology
  • 200 feet RF range indoors

The TPS-6X remains connected to the RF radio while operating as a wired panel, so when the panel is removed from the dock, it instantly switches over to wireless mode. The TPS-6X operates within IEEE 802.15.4 so it does not experience any of the challenges of WiFi. The unit provides plenty of battery life and ships with default settings to go to sleep when it’s not in use to preserve the battery (timing can be adjusted). The TPS-6X wakes up and works immediately just by touching the screen or a button. – there’s no lag time; it doesn’t need to connect or power up.

Illuminated pushbuttons on the TPS-6X provide quick access to volume adjustment, channel selection, and on-screen menu navigation. Button text is easily viewable in variable lighting conditions thanks to backlit laser engraving. The TPS-6X is also available without buttons.

For further information call Crestron direct on +44 (0)845 873 8787 or visit the company website: .”

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