Crestron Extends HDMI Capability


Crestron has announced a new line of HDMI extenders. The new unit allows uncompressed high-definition AV signals to be transmitted up to 100 metres without any loss of quality when using Crestron’s DigitalMedial 8G wire…

“Our new extenders make long distance HDMI extension simple and affordable, without sacrificing signal quality,” says Robin van Meeuwen, Managing Director of Crestron UK. “Our HD-EXT will give you a true, uncompressed, high-def AV signal over a single wire, whereas standard HDMI cable will lose signal quality after nine metres ours is maintained up to 100 metres. No other comparative product will deliver that kind of performance.”

Two HD-EXT models can serve a variety of applications. The HD-EXT1-C brings a wide selection of pure, uncompressed HD entertainment and presentation sources to any room with minimal setup. The HD-EXT2-C is compatible with stereo analogue as well as supporting HDMI. Connecting an additional cable between the transmitter and receiver enables analogue audio devices that may not support digital audio.

HD-EXT is ideal for new build and retrofitting, as either a standalone system or as part of an integrated Crestron home automation or building control system. The transmitter can be mounted in a single-gang wall box, an equipment rack, or can attach to any flat surface. The compact receiver is mounted discretely behind a display device, projector or wherever necessary, while a single run of Crestron’s DM 8G STP cable  will connect the two elements of the system.

The HD-EXT Extenders will be available from February 2011. For more information on HD-EXT HDMI over Shielded Twisted Pair Extenders, please visit: "


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