Cortexa Introducing Graphite UI Plus iPhone App

Cortexa Graphite

We’ve been watching the Cortexa Home Automation system since 2005 .  Recently they have the introduced Graphite, their new GUI which will be available on their controllers from V5 on. In addition they have released an Phone app that mirrors Graphites controls.  Watch the videos after the jump.

“Cortexa’s capability to simply and intelligently manage off-the-shelf residential subsystems using pre-configured and user-defined events positions it as one of the most flexible and easy-to-use home automation controllers in the market today. Cortexa delivers peace of mind for homeowners by enabling power and water monitoring and management, reducing the time, effort, and cost to running a home, and providing a sense of personal enjoyment and safety.

It utilizes broad multi-media management, web access, Microsoft’s Windows Media Center, and intuitive setup and operation to provide users quick, easy access to monitor and manage the operation of their intelligent home. Cortexa offers a complete range of subsystem support to collaboratively manage the entire residential environment to ensure that users’ homes automatically operate in a manner that complements and supports their lifestyle.

Supported subsystems include lighting, interior climate control, whole home audio and video entertainment, motorized shades and curtains, security, video cameras, irrigation systems, pools and spas, garage doors, and automatic gates. ”

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  1. Chris Bond | June 25, 2009 at 7:21 am |

    Definetly a move in the right direction that old look and feel really put me off! =)

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