Bye Bye Standby Motion Sensor

Bye Bye Standby Motion Sensor

Here’s another inexpensive way to dabble in Home Automation.  With this Bye Bye Standby (Domia) PIR you get a wireless motion sensor for just £15.00 – Amaze your friends as your appliances turn on or off as you move around your home.

You adjust the detection area and range by using the supplied removable shutters across the lens of the PIR.  You can set the delay time between the movement being detected and your appliances turning on/off between 4 seconds and 5 minutes.  The PIR can also be adjusted to activate at a certain level of darkness.

Features Include:

  • Motion controlled on/off function for any appliance
  • Simple installation – no wiring required
  • Use with any Bye Bye Standby® Socket or Lamp Dimmer
  • Compatible with most household appliances
  • Adjustable detection range up to 10 metres
  • Can send commands through and ceilings up to 25m

Technical Information:

  • Transmitter range: up to 25 meters
  • Detection range: up to 10 Meters
  • Angle of detection: 110 degrees
  • Detection battery life: Min 12 months
  • Battery type: 3 x AAA alkaline battery 1.5V
  • Time on adjustment: 4 seconds to 5 minutes
  • House code: A-P
  • Unit Code: 1-16
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 120mm x 45mm
Bye Bye Standby Motion Sensor

Buy Bye Bye Standby Units Here

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