BlueDelta Milestone – Video over CAT5

BlueDelta Milestone

BlueDelta have launched a new product for AV distribution over CAT5.

“Aimed at both the professional installer and true videophile, MILESTONE has applications as varied as home entertainment through to video surveillance; from as close as the next room to as far as a mile away. It allows the user to make the best of today’s high quality digital video sources anywhere around the home or business (including, pubs, clubs, stands, shop window displays, and more.

MILESTONE is flexible and modular; system components can be used individually or grouped in a ‘pick-and-mix’ offering to meet all requirements, thus create everything from simple point-to-point links all the way through to large scale multi-outlet systems. What’s more the use of CAT5 cabling will allow the signal to cover extremely long distances at very low cost… Functions;

  • High quality video to remote TVs
  • Low Cost CAT5 cable
  • Cable runs up to 1600 meters!
  • Remote control return
  • Fully Off-On-Widescreen switching
  • Visual signal status indication
  • Compact design for easy installation, shipping and storage
  • Settable EQ for level and sharpness
  • Modular design
  • Stackable Hubs for even more outputs.
  • Power-save.

MILESTONE is ideal for any distribution systems where high quality video and audio are required, but where either the distances are too great for SCART or UHF leads, where a higher picture quality is required, or simply where a less bulky cable is needed.

Overview of the System Components & their functions

The MILESTONE Master: This simply plugs into your video source like a conventional SCART connector, and takes its power from a compact plug-top power supply.

The MILESTONE Slave: This attaches to the display / remote TV. Like the Master it simply plugs in like a conventional SCART connector. The MILESTONE Slave includes an adjustable active equalisation system, ensuring clear, sharp, and bright signals even with the longest cable runs

These two basic components create an economical point-to-point link without even the need for a mains socket as the Slave is remotely powered from the Master via the cable.

The MILESTONE Smart-SCART: This works in exactly the same way as the conventional Smart-SCART, allowing for a multiple video input devices (SCART connections) to be connected to one output without loss of quality and with auto-sensing switching facility (even connecting to a local TV via SCART in the same way,) but also provides a CAT5 output for the MILESTONE system.

The MILESTONE System Hub: This unit comes into it’s own when connecting multiple displays to several Video Sources. Available in two versions, 4-way and 8-way, you simply attach it to the source device (MILESTONE Master or MILESTONE Smart-SCART) via CAT5, then run CAT5 from there to the remote displays.

MILESTONE Hubs can be ‘stacked’, so for instance a Hub-8 could be used to feed more Hub-8s via each output, each of which could have eight Slaves attached, giving 64 outlets in total. If you wanted to you could even have another layer, so theoretically you could have up to 512 displays from the same source! The Hub can either be powered locally or remotely from the Master, (ideal for sighting in loft spaces where no power is available,) or you can plug even power the Hub and it can back-power the Master via the feed cable.

The IR (infra red) Eye and Blaster set: The system can relay remote control commands back to the video source from any remote location, using these two control devices that simply plug into the Master and Slave as necessary, the connectors are even colour-coded to ensure they go the right way round.

The MILESTONE Sky adaptor: All MILESTONE units consume very little power, so little that the basic point-to-point link can be powered directly from the RF2 power on a Sky digibox with this handy little adaptor.

Finally the whole system automatically shuts down to power-save mode when no signal is present!.

AV Over CAT5 Units   :

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  1. vincent galea | June 11, 2013 at 3:46 pm |

    I have been using blue delta systme a long time which I found it satisfactoy but know I need some parts to be changed. can I stiil find them .If so please tell me where I can contact.Regads Vincent Galea

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