Autonomic Whole House Audio Delivers Certified Control4 Driver

Autonomic have announced the availability of their latest certified Control4 driver for their whole-house music systems.

With the Mirage Digital Amplifier driver (available separately on the Autonomic website), the Mirage Audio System packages will integrate fully with the Control4 platform, delivering control of up to 96 audio zones throughout the home.

If you’re looking for a whole house audio solution that plays nicely with your Control4 system then ask your integrator about Autonomic.

Now available via Control4 Composer, the new Autonomic Control4 driver adds intuitive functionality while reducing programming time. Users will benefit from the convenience of automatic source selection, which assigns the first available output of the Mirage Media Server once a room and playback content have been chosen. One press of the Listen button on the Control4 Navigator provides direct access to popular streaming services or all available local content. Another new feature simplifies the process of connecting guest iOS devices via AirPlay. Users will see a list of zone names that they can connect to, eliminating the need for a dedicated AirPlay stream button on the Control4 interface. The Mirage Media Server will automatically activate the zone and connect to the guest’s AirPlay source. Control4 users will also have fast access to the Autonomic exclusive TuneBridge® feature, making it quick and easy to queue up a Pandora station or do a full album/artist/track search dependent on what is playing. The new interface makes it simple for everyone to access playlists and favorites, add tracks to the current queue or save them to an existing playlist.  :

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