Another Robo-Vac

Another robot vacuum cleaner enters the market. What’s the matter with these people, haven’t they seen i,Robot yet! 🙂

“SharperImage gets into the market of vaccum robots with their e-Vac Robotic Vacuum. Similar to the iRobot Roomba the e-Vac also has touch sensors and navigates automatically floors to suck and brush them clean. The e-Vac comes with a remote control. How the automatic navigation works and if the e-Vac is better than the Roomba is not clear. It is competing on the price with the iRobot Roomba products and not with the Electrolux Trilobite…

The e-Vac is 5.5″ high and has a diameter of 12.5″. The e-Vac comes in red and blue. It sells for $299.99 on”


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