AMX Launch Zigbee Touch Panel Remote

Good grief, a real world ZigBee product! AMX have just announced a new range of remotes using the ZigBee wireless technology.

“The new Mio Modero® R-3 and R-4 Handheld Remotes and NetLinx® ZigBee Gateway and Repeater are the first products to be introduced in AMX’s new line of ZigBee-enabled devices. The Mio Modero R-4 is also AMX’s first interface device to combine the features and functionality of a touch panel in a handheld remote.

“Many of our integrators have been asking for a remote control solution that supports multiple devices, enables a significant communication range, avoids interference with other devices and provides long battery life,” said Robert Noble, AMX vice president of management. “After analyzing our options, AMX adopted the ZigBee standard because it enabled us to develop a compelling product line that addresses all of these needs and more, including making it easier to install AMX control in pre-existing homes.”…

The Mio Modero R-4 (Mio R-4) is the ideal solution for individuals desiring custom touch panel functionality in a small handheld form factor. The remote features a 2.4-inch color LCD touch display with an AMX G4 graphics engine, enabling the R-4 to support animated and/or static icons, as well as dynamic lists and scrolling marquee text for long words and phrases. Using AMX’s TPDesign 4 design tool, system integrators can customize each screen to unique customer preferences – from lighting and climate control presets for entertaining and watching movies to device usage options for TVs and DVRs. The Mio R-4 also includes 28 pushbuttons for operating specific device functions, as well as three remote navigation buttons.

The Mio Modero R-3 (Mio R-3) leverages the same features and form factor as the popular Mio Modero R-2. It offers a monochrome LCD display that indicates the current device being controlled and 45 backlit laser-engraved buttons that can be customized to meet the needs of individual users and unique applications. Three buttons are designated to activate macros or pre-determined sequences of events, six are slated for accessing individual devices, and the remaining 36 represent specific operating functions for each device.

The Mio R-3 and R-4 both support two-way communication on the ZigBee network, enabling the handheld remotes to control a virtually unlimited number of devices. With its large display, the Mio R-4 is also able to receive feedback on device status – from current room temperature and lighting levels to the song title and artist being played by the AMX MAX Multimedia Server.

The Mio R-3 and R-4 instantly wake up through touch, tilt or push button, and because the remotes are always connected to the AMX ZigBee mesh network, they are immediately ready for use from the moment they are picked up.

The new Mio Modero Handheld Remotes can be used in virtually any integrated environment worldwide. The display supports all Unicode Standard character fonts and languages, and keypads can be purchased in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Mandarin and Arabic.

The AMX ZigBee Mesh Network

ZigBee is a global standard recognized by IEEE (802.15.4) for being a power-efficient and reliable wireless connectivity technology that is both low in cost and easy to deploy. In the residential market, the technology has been adopted for sensors, such as security, rain gauges and lights, as well as control devices, including thermostats, handheld remotes and integrated control systems. Because ZigBee mesh networks eliminate the need for physical wiring, the overall costs associated with adding new lighting, security and climate control systems in pre-existing homes is significantly reduced.

With AMX’s new ZigBee gateway and repeater, ample wireless coverage is guaranteed, and dead spots are never an issue. One NXA-ZGW NetLinx ZigBee Gateway manages the entire AMX ZigBee mesh network and is capable of supporting a vast array of ZigBee-enabled network devices while limiting interference issues, making it an ideal solution for large, single-family homes, as well as high-rise condominiums. The NXA-ZRP NetLinx ZigBee Repeater works in conjunction with the AMX ZigBee Gateway to extend the mesh network as needed.

AMX Press Release

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