AKCP SensorProbe2, With 10 Dry Contact Inputs

AKCP, an international company that provides easy-to-use, web-enabled products for remote environmental, power and security monitoring, today unveils an enhanced version of sensorProbe2D with multiple dry contact support, which can monitor upto 10 dry-contact inputs, from its 2 standard RJ-45 input ports. A low cost alternative for dry contact monitoring, the sensorProbe2D is designed for small and medium monitoring requirements, such as a small computer room temperature and UPS status, security etc. The sensorProbe2D comes in a 0 U Rackmount box with 2 full autosense RJ45 ports for connecting any of AKCP’s intelligent sensors. The 10 dry contact option gives the sensorProbe2D the ability to have up to 5 dry contact inputs per RJ45 port, giving a total maximum possible inputs of 10, by utilizing both of the RJ45 sensor ports. The 10 dry contact option includes a special dry-contact cable which has 5 dry-contact input connectors, which can be plugged into any of the 2 autosense RJ-45 ports.

The sensorProbe2D is a completely embedded host and comes with a proprietary Linux-like Operating System. It is equipped with a TCP/IP stack, internal web Server, e-mail, and full SNMP functionality. The sensorProbe2D is a ‘plug n play’ device and is extremely easy to use and maintain. The installation process is also simple. The sensorProbe2D with the 10 dry contact option is priced at $475, which includes a 1 foot temperature sensor and one 15 foot 5-input dry-contact cable.

The sensorProbe2D comes with a new CPU that is 3 times higher speed of the earlier version of sensorProbe2A, faster network connection, new web interface similar to sensorProbe8 series of products. Additional features include, remote syslog interface, subnet mask, multiple email addresses. It also includes a battery-backed time of day clock. The sensorProbe2D also has advanced filtering options for Traps and Emails.

The sensorProbe2D is supplied with full SNMP and a complete MIB allowing its interface to SNMP based Network Management systems such as HP OpenView®, IBM Tivoli®, What’s Up Gold and others.

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  1. The latest sensorProbe2 version is the sensorProbe2-PoE, which is equipped with Power Over Ethernet support.

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