AH0010 – Andy Stanford-Clark

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Show AH0010 marks the first of our audio podcasts (shows 1-9 are all video content).  In this hour long episode we interview “IBM Master Inventor”, Dr Prof Andy Stanford-Clark.  We talk to him about his work in industrial telemetry integration that’s lead him into the world of home automation.  We chat about his hi-tech home, his internet connected mouse trap and monitoring his domestic power consumption via Twitter.

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Show Notes – Here are the show notes for AH0010 with the links to the subjects covered…

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1 Comment on "AH0010 – Andy Stanford-Clark"

  1. James Smith | October 9, 2008 at 1:37 am |

    This was a good one, nice to see that IBM are well into this. Also some good explanation of Zigbee, visiting their site can leave you in the cold I find. I just wish the standards would be sorted out.

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