1U Rackmount Power Conditioner

“Torus has announced the introduction of the RM-2.5, a 2.5 amp power conditioner designed to mount in a single rack space application. Having initially entered the residential, commercial, and industrial power conditioner markets with much larger product offerings rated up to 100 amps, Torus views the addition of the RM-2.5 as a natural evolution for the company.

The RM-2.5 is suitable for signal level components such as CD/DVD players, media servers, automation products, and Plasma TV’s. “With a US market list price of $995, the RM-2.5 is priced more like an accessory than our other conditioners, and the packaging is perfect for today’s sophisticated rack mount installations,” commented worldwide sales VP, James Tanner.

The Torus RM-2.5 delivers true isolation through triple-screened toroidal transformers as well as low source impedance and ample instantaneous current for today’s most sophisticated signal level components and video playback equipment. All Torus power devices are ultra low noise and use the most sophisticated surge suppression technology available. The Torus RM-2.5 is backed by a 5-year warranty and will begin shipping to dealers September, 2007″


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