LightwaveRF Launch Smart Home Android App

JSJS Designs have announced a new free Android App for their LightwaveRF Home Automation system.  There will be an ‘all-new’ Apple iOS app for your iPhone and iPad in the next few weeks plus the promise of a web platform before the end of the year too.  For now check out the full PR and link to the Google Play Store below…

Birmingham, 20th September 2013 – LightwaveRF, the company behind affordable smart home technology, has today announced a new, powerful Android app, created to help customers further customise their smart home preferences.

LightwaveRF has started a revolution in affordable smart home control providing soft start dimmer switches, ultra slim-line power sockets, advanced LED lighting and scene lighting that can be controlled from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet.

With the successful launch of its first line of lighting and power control products complete, for the last few months LightwaveRF has been concentrating on improving its software and user experience through its smartphone apps. The company is pleased to unveil its new Android offering for smartphones and tablets, with an all-new Apple iOS app to follow in the coming weeks.

Jim Kimberley Technical Manager from LightwaveRF said:

‘We are very pleased to release our new, dedicated Android app, which will allow customers to control their LightwaveRF devices more easily. The new platform is also important, as it will allow us to add new features in the coming weeks to accommodate our growing product range. We will also be providing an all new iOS app in the coming weeks, followed by a web platform before the end of the year.’

The LightwaveRF Android app enables you to:

  • Create up to eight separate rooms (zones) and add 6 products to each
  • Add up to three mood settings in each zone
  • Control all your lighting and power using an Android smartphone
  • Set routines to control your lights and appliances in a way that fits with your lifestyle
  • Set lighting moods with the touch of a button for different rooms in your home
  • Make your home more secure by turning on lights automatically when you are not around
  • Monitor how much energy you are using
  • Save money by easily setting timers to turn off lights and appliances when not in use

The UK based company has sold over 100,000 products in less than two years of operation; over 12,000 users use LightwaveRF every day to control their home remotely using the Apple and Android smartphone apps.

LightwaveRF Modules

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  1. Any news on the new iPad app… From a very frustrated soon to be ex customer!

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