HomeAutom8 and iAutom8 Home Automation System

HomeAutom8 and iAutom8 from Tristan Phillips are a cloud service and mobile app combo home automation system.

The software works with RFXCom transmitters and smart home devices like HomeEasy, LightwaveRF, ByeByeStandBy, DomiaLite and X10. HomeAutom8 has a Free in-cloud scheduling service and a cross platform, cross browser online version, plus a £9.99 universal iPhone / iPad iOS App, as well as Apps for Android and the Sony Smartwatch.

What can you do with it?

  • Control a multitude of home automation devices, including: HomeEasy, LightwaveRF, X-10, ARC Tech, Harrison, Flamingo & Koppla
  • Control practically any device in your home / holiday home / boat etc from the comfort of your sofa, or even on the train!
  • Schedule devices to come on / off at any time you like with no always on PC needed!
  • Give visitors access to control your devices on their iPhones or Android devices when they visit
  • Setup macros to configure your devices into a preset state at the touch of a button. Creating the “right mood” just became a whole lot easier!
  • Configure & control all your locations, rooms and devices on this site, forget about reconfiguring your devices every time you change handsets or upgrade

www.homeautom8.com   :   www.rfxcom.com

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