Domoticz is New Free Open Source Home Automation Software

When we added our Home Automation Technology Choices page a few weeks ago we got emails asking us to consider some other systems.

Amongst them was a new free and open source home automation application called “Domoticz”.  Design to control various devices and receive input from various sensors around the home, the main hardware at the centre of the setup is an RF Receiver/Transmitter from RFXCOM.  Domoticz supports Linux/Unix, Windows as well as embedded devices.  The GUI is a scalable HTML5 web frontend, and is automatically adapted for Desktop and Mobile Devices and the developers say it is compatible with all browsers.



  • Supported Hardware: RFXCOM Transceiver, P1 Smart Meter, YouLess Meter
  • Extended logging
  • iPhone / Android push notifications
  • Auto Learning sensors/switches
  • Manual creation of switch codes
  • Share / Use external devices
  • Designed for simplicity

To download the software, find out more, or help with the project visit

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4 Comments on "Domoticz is New Free Open Source Home Automation Software"

  1. Has Any one else been able to get this Software working on Win7?

  2. Yes sure!
    As well as on a raspberry pi, ubuntu, synology, cubieboard, and a lot more…

    But i recommend to use a raspberry pi, only consumes max. 2 watt/hour, now compare this to your windows machine 😉

  3. Works with ZWave too. I’m running it on a RPI with ZWay Board.

  4. 1 year controlling my new hosuse and is absolutly amazing. Very easy to use and configure. Best in compatibility. I use a lot of devices from diferent manufactures without trouble. Best solution, data is saved in a SQLlite database. Working 7/24 on a ASUS EEPC win7 (8w/hour)

    Thanks to DomoticZ Developers.

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