Case Study: 8 Luxury Smart Apartments in Henley

Luxury Smart Apartments

Jack Morgan of Smart Works, installers of home automation and AV systems explains how the Faradite range of products played a major role developing a home automation solution appealing to developers…

In an increasingly competitive market, developers are looking for ways to make their projects stand out. One way is offering 21st century dwellings which match homeowners’ growing expectations to live in more efficient, connected and easier to control homes.

In the business for a little over two years, Smart Works offers tailored solutions for developers using the Loxone smart home system, complementing this with added audio visual solutions.

Smart Works needed to come up with a solution to match the needs of this new build of eight luxury apartments. The plan needed to deliver on the control, but also on the clean aesthetics necessary for the build.

In this case, the team turned to the Faradite family of TAP switches and Motion Sensor 360s to pull the whole experience together and place the power of the system in the hands of the occupier.

Smart Kitchen

On the capabilities of the Loxone system, Jack explains, “The property developer was keen on the lighting control side, and that was the main selling point, offering capabilities like scene setting. Then we talked to them about the other capabilities of the system. Having Loxone there to control the heating made absolute sense, as well as controlling the video entry side.”

Power is nothing without control, and Smart Works wanted to be able to offer attractive and easy to use control points.

Jack explains, “We showed the developer a range of options for the hardware and immediately when they saw the Faradite TAP-1 that was the switch they liked. They particularly liked how clean, simple and sleek they look on the wall. Being a single button switch, it keeps things simple for the owner to operate.”

Faradite / Loxone Smart Kitchen

The TAP-1 was specified as standard throughout the development and in some of the apartments that were sold off plan, the owners opted to upgrade to the TAP-5 Brushed Copper to match their interior design aesthetic.

Faradite Copper Switch

Control capabilities from the Faradite range did not end there, as Jack and his team needed a solution to detect motion.

“We looked at alternatives, but once again we liked the Faradite Motion Sensors because of how discrete they are, being able to sit recessed in the ceiling out of the way. No other option was considered after the developer saw those”, explains Jack.

Faradite PIR

Ensuring the building met with fire regulations was of upmost importance and the Faradite fire rated IDR was fitted to all Motion Sensor 360s that were installed to fully conform with building controls.

Being able to offer a coherent set of hardware and control options was a big boost in developing trust. Jack says, “As far as the developer was concerned, we had a good, thought-out specification for each property. There were some small changes along the way – as some of the apartments were bought off plan, the customer was able to add in some customisation along the way – but largely speaking, the project went as planned from the start.”

The TAP range of switch plates chosen for this project deliver a range of on-wall switch plates for use with 24V home automation systems. The products replace the low function, and often unattractive, standard rocker light switches traditionally found in homes, with attractive switches which give homeowners full control over intelligent lighting systems, as well as other functions such as music playback or heating.

Loxone / Faradite Copper Switch

Each switch uses capacitive touch sensors with haptic feedback to control the home, and temperature sensors are built-in, so installers can cut down on wall-acne and increase system intelligence in one product.

The TAP-1 is a strong match for rooms where lighting and heating control is all that is needed. The products come in attractive finishes of Matt White, Brushed Stainless Steel, and Brushed Copper.
The TAP-5 switch takes control further and offers five points of control which can be configured to control lights, blinds, music and heating all from one point. The TAP-5 is available in the same finishes as the TAP-1 and the TAP-5 metallic finishes can be custom engraved to further personalise each project.

The Faradite Motion Sensor 360 range used in the project is a low voltage, low profile, silent, discreet passive infrared ceiling mounted solution. This product sits only 3.5mm proud from the ceiling meaning its small size minimises interference with the interior design of the home. The Motion Sensor 360 range is compatible with home automation systems such as Lutron, Crestron, Loxone and Control4.

Faradite / Loxone Smart PIR

As well as using the Faradite range to deliver the control and intelligence the building needed, the Smart Works team also included a wall mounted iPad, giving always-on access to the Loxone home automation app housed in an iPort mount.

Using the Loxone system meant that all the panels could be built off-site, keeping the workflow less complicated and easier to execute.

“Another benefit of Faradite and Loxone combined is that we reduced the amount of hardware needed. The built-in temperature sensors mean we could do away with temperature sensors,” states Jack.

Faradite Copper 5-way switch

So, with the project completed, it’s time to look ahead. Jack explains,

“We like to offer options, and Faradite gives us a range of different finishes and options that work well with Loxone. We talk to self-builders and lots of developers, and a big area for us going forward will be explaining the benefits, and we are well placed to do this now.”

To find out how to use Faradite products in your next project, get in touch with the Faradite team who will be able to answer any questions you have.

Get in touch with Faradite to find out how you can make your projects more controlled, attractive and easier to execute.

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