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Submission by Grant Smith

AzteQ Solutions and CableNet (HomeMaster) have joined forces to give end users and home builders a one-stop-shop Home Networking solution.

In today’s domestic environment, there is an ever increasing demand for technical additions to the home infrastructure. Apart from the need to use, daily items such as microwave cookers, dishwashers and DVD players, the requirement for whole families to utilize computer technology and access the Internet is growing at a tremendous rate.

These additional needs are causing problems within the traditional constructed home setting, which normally only allows for TV, phone and electrical connections. For instance, parents and children alike have constant requirements for Internet access for on-line banking, e-mailing, homework, research and multi-player games. Furthermore, family arguments are often caused over who uses the printer, who can play music or watch a movie, unless each computer has its own printer, phone line and DVD… Home Networking allows each family user to access all these facilities without disturbing other users. Multiple users will gain Internet access using just one phone line (and/or Broadband), and will have printing facilities with only one printer. Moreover, users will be able to share applications and files, as well as downloading programs and upgrades from the Internet.

Furthermore, a CCTV system can be incorporated for purposes such as security and baby monitoring.

According to a recent survey, “more than half of British households have a computer, making them twice as likely to have use of a PC as they are a dishwasher”.

In order to fulfill the needs of the today’s domestic users, a specific networking system is required to integrate phone, computer and any other necessities for modern home life. The heart of the HomeMaster AzteQ Solutions Installed system, is the cabinet enclosure (constructional details below), which connects from the patch panel ports to the services required in each of the rooms eg phone line, Internet, in-house computer network etc.

The TV/CCTV distribution system is via the multiplexer with amplified outputs. Satellite, Digital, Analogue RF and modulated camera sites are transmitted to each TV/FM socket throughout the house, using high-gain coax cables.

For futher details contact AzteQ Solutions (www.azteqsolutions) on 01280 813256 or Cablenet (HomeMaster – www.homemaster.uk.com) on 01276 851900.

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