Home Cinema Install

This link was posted on the mailing list this morning. It’s a great read for anyone thinking of installing their own Home Cinema system. Although it’s about a basement it can be applied to a garage or any other room…

“The basement doesn’t have to be just a place to store boxes with things you are never going to use, but it can be used also as a great entertainment hideout. A home theater in basement is a really good match. The lack of sunlight and the isolation from outside life suddenly becomes an important asset.

I always wanted to have dedicated room for home theater for movies because I never watch TV. The whole idea to adjust my own time to the TV time is for me totally upside down. It is like getting a schedule from your doctor when you are allow to be sick.

After taking some measurements and looking at the unfinished basement from every corner I decided to divide it and build a whole new room”… VISIT THE HOME THEATER WEBSITE


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