Ethernet + Phone Jack Using Single Cat5e Cable

Just noticed this one on…  “It’s all to often I hear about people buying a new home that is “wired for the future”… meaning it only has a single Cat5 cable to each room.

I don’t know why builders cut corners with this since cabling is cheap and you can pull two at a time. When I was building my house I pulled at the very least, two RG-6 Quadshield, two CAT5e, and two Fiber lines all wrapped up in a PVC jacket. In most rooms I pulled two and in special rooms I pulled four runs to the wiring closet. I also ran conduit in areas I knew I would need future connections or additional cabling… it’s easy to do it when the walls are open.

This post is for home owners out there that either forgot to pull more Cat5e cabling and for the home owners that had a builder that wasn’t tech savy. This “HOW TO” will show you how you can take a single Cat5e cable and turn it into both an ethernet jack capable of 10/100Mbps and a two line phone jack.


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