Watch This: Mat Smith’s DIY Arduino Home Automation Control Panel

Back in January we checked in with Mat Smith on the progress of his home brew control panel.

Now after a year in development Mat has his first fully assembled unit. The feature packed home automation controller includes proximity sensing and uses MQTT messages to communicate with his openHAB server. This currently allows him to control music, temperature and his LightwaveRF switches, but will control any device that’s compatible with OpenHAB software.

The PoE unit marries a display, hard buttons, rotary controller, Arduino Mega, W5100 Ethernet Controller, his own PCB and customer water jet cut stainless steel faceplates, all in a 47mm UK back box.

The UI looks great and the entire project is a testament to Mat’s’ ingenuity as well as the amazing 21st century technologies that enable an individual to be able to create such a powerful system.

Mat is currently considering launching his own Kickstarter project to help simplify construction, reduce costs and bring his controller to the masses. Listen out for his appeal at the end of the video and If you think you can help with the project then get in touch on the link below.

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  1. Very nice, as a Smart Home company installing lighting control, automation and music systems into homes we are generally moving away from proprietary systems and towards IOT devices. Still it’s nice sometimes to have a physical switch, this could be a great way to interface with OpenHab.

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