Video: Meet Nest Cam and the New Nest Protect

Nest’s latest announcements were far from earth shattering but here’s a couple of quick videos to introduce you to the latest versions of their smart home devices.

Nest Cam

This is the first Nest branded camera since the company acquired Dropcam last summer.

The Nest Cam has full high-definition (1080p) video quality, a new stand design for versatile mounting and improved motion alerts and night vision.

Nest are experimenting with live streaming their cameras to YouTube but that’s the sort of feature that might actually turn some people off. In an era where people put stickers over their laptop webcams, how would you feel about a Google streaming camera in your home?

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Beginning next month, Nest Cam will be available in Europe for the first time (Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands and the U.K). The US price is $199

It lets you see your home in super clear 1080p HD video. It comes with advanced Night Vision. It has a mic and speaker so you can talk and listen. And when you subscribe to Nest Aware with Video History, the new cloud recording service from Nest, you can rewind 10 or 30 days of video and get even more accurate motion alerts.

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Nest Protect v2.0

The new Nest Protect (£89) now uses two wavelengths of light to look for both fast and slow-burning fires. The unit is slightly smaller (11%) and now you can hush false alarms from your phone or tablet using the Nest app, rather than using that hand waving gesture which was the reason for the recall of the first version.

Cleverly the Nest Protect automatically tests its speaker and horn each month, listening with its built-in microphone. It’ll even try to do this while you out out using data from your various devices.

The second generation Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm is the first residential alarm to offer a custom, Split-Spectrum Sensor that uses two wavelengths of light to look for different types of fires. Also, Nest Protect alarms can now be silenced from your phone.

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Nest have also tweaked the latest v4.5 their learning thermostat software and released a redesigned app v5.0 which brings together all three Nest products, across multiple platforms, for the first time. You can use the Nest app in a browser and on iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.0+.

And finally here’s the ‘Nest Thoughtful Home’, that shows that idilic automated world where all this stuff really works.  :  Nest Review

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  1. Yuk!! Looks like a Logitech WebCam from the late 90’s

  2. Pointless. No storage to NAS or other storage device.

  3. Stuck in the 80's | July 11, 2015 at 9:05 pm |

    Pointless I can’t record to VHS tapes!

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