Video: Loxone Launch Wireless Retro-Fit Home Automation Add-ons

The Loxone Home automation system has been around since 2008 and this week they have launched a brand new wireless addition to their range.

The ‘Loxone Air’ system employs wireless mesh technology (868MHz ) as well as bi-directional comms for acknowledgement and status.

The system offers easier installation for the retro-fit market and should help to cement Loxone as an attractive choice for people shopping around for a smart home solution.

The system launch features 2 products with the promise of more in the pipeline.

Air Base Extension

The Loxone Air Base Extension (above left) provides the interface between the Miniserver and the Loxone Air wireless devices. The Air Base Extension consumes less than 150mW and a single unit can control up to 128 Air devices, either directly or by bouncing its signal through the other air devices mesh network, providing an ideal system for easy retrofitting into an existing property.

Smart Socket Air

The Smart Socket Air (above right) features a 16A relay (socket rated at 13 Amps) and allows you to control your appliances either automatically from the Miniserver’s schedules and logic, or manually from the Loxone apps.

Its own electronics consume less than 500mW and its built-in energy monitor sends consumption data for the appliance plugged into it to the Miniserver every 5 minutes, or if a 5% or more change occurs then the update is sent immediately. The Loxone Smart Socket Air also features a built-in temperature sensor that can be used to help with heating control.  The module is available in 5 different plug / socket types to cover a huge range of countries.

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We asked Philipp Schuster, Managing Director at Loxone UK, why they have decided to go with yet another proprietary wireless system rather than adopting one of the existing standards, he told us…

While Loxone Air is our own standard and protocol, other manufacturers can make use of it as well through our Loxone Smart Engineering company.  We were tired of restrictions that EnOcean, Zigbee, Zwave and other standards impose (no proper security, no handshakes, no firmware update over the wireless network, etc.). On top of that there are the royalties that you pay for the technology used in chipsets (EnOcean) or royalties and membership fees for “open” standards. Not being burdened with royalties or membership fees means that we can pack our Air products with more functionality whilst keeping the price low.

We hear on the grapevine that the new Loxone system is based fairly closely on 6LowPAN (IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks) and perhaps could even become fully 6LowPAN compatible with a firmware update should the standard take off.

The units are available right now with the Air Base Extension costing £87 and the Smart Socket Air £60 (or £52 each in packs of 3).  There is an introductory offer (10% discount) at the moment from the Loxone Webstore. Check out the rest of the images and the videos below (english subtitles).

Loxone Smart Socket Air

Loxone Smart Socket Air Front and Rear

Loxone Air Wireless Tech 

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