Video: Fibaro Launch Z-Wave Flood Sensor

Fibaro have rapidly become one of the mostly highly regarded and innovative producers of Z-Wave home automation devices around.

The superb Home Center 2 Z-Wave controller has been joined by the 3 in 1 Door / Window Sensor, the LED Controller and now this brand new Flood Sensor.  It’s so much more than a mere water detector though, as this multi-function unit can also detect temperature, give a visual indication of range, detect tilt and tamper, be extended with an optional wired probe and can be hard wired to an external alarm system with its output port.  Pair it with a Z-Wave Water Shut-off Valve and you could even shut off your water if there is a flood.

The Fibro Z-Wave Flood Sensor will be available in the next few weeks for around £50. Check the full feature list and the video below…

The Fibaro Flood Sensor is the most technologically advanced, most functional, yet amazingly aesthetic flood sensor available in the world today. Before design process started, Fibaro engineers tested most of the battery powered flood sensors offered. None of them met our expectations. That’s why we started working on our own design, meeting high expectations of our customers. That’s how the Fibaro Flood Sensor was born – a flood sensor equipped with new technology providing safety for you and your family. All of which closed in a miniature, compact enclosure.

Fibaro Z-Wave Flood Sensor

  • Tilt Sensor – Detects tilt and movement over 15 degrees. It will also alert you of any attempt to move or tamper with the device.
  • Alarm Siren –  Built in alarm siren will help you react quickly in case of a flood, rapid temperature change, or attempt to tamper with it.
  • Telescopic Probes – Fibaro Flood Sensor is the only one in the World to perfectly work on uneven surfaces thanks to gold telescopic probes, which are flexible enough to compensate for uneven surface levels.
  • In / Out – Input terminal allows for connecting an external probe and installing the sensor in any location. Output terminal allows for connection to an alarm system.
  • Temperature Sensor – Built in temperature sensor may be used to manage an in-floor heating system or serve as a fire alarm sensor, by detecting rapid temperature rise.
  • Battery Powered – A single battery is enough to power the Sensor for 2.5 years.
  • Tamper Prevention – Specially designed enclosure contains a tamper button, protecting it from being opened unintentionally.
  • Visual Indicator Light – Aside from the alarm siren, the device can alert you of a threat using colour displays from the built in RGB diode.

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