Raspberry Pi Addon Pi-mote Controls Smart Home Sockets with Python

Energenie have launched a Raspberry Pi add-on that attaches via the GPIO connector and offers a low cost home control solution.

Our best-selling remote control sockets are now available with a controller board for Pi. Whether you are a Pi newcomer, hacker, or Python sage you will be able to control your electrical sockets within a range of up to 30 metres, through doors, walls and ceilings.

The RF transmitter add-on board can be used with the R-PI to control up to 4 simple Energenie radio controlled sockets independently using a small software program. We have written a simple program in Python to allow us to switch the sockets on and off with a single keyboard press. The add-on board connects to the row of pins called the GPIO which can be controlled as either input or output lines under your software control.

The kit includes the 433.92Mhz Pi controller board, 2 remote control sockets and a start up guide which shows how simple on/off control can be achieved. The Pi-mote is available now from Amazon.

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  1. Interesting, I think I might purchase one of these to try it out with my Pi as I already have some Energenie plugs. To be honest to date I have been disappointed with Energenie as the software provided for controlling the LAN plugs simply doesn’t work. The plugs also suffer a clock problem so scheduling also does not work either.

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