New X-10 Micro Module for Blinds and Screens


marmitek swm1p

Marmitek have just announced a new in wall X-10 micro module for shutters, blinds and projector screens.  You can program the preset address of all sunblinds in for instance the living room to the same address. With the Preset key of any sunblind modules in this room or by means of sending the Preset address ON via a Marmitek interface all sunblinds can be set to the Preset mode simultaneously.  The SWM1Pis available now at around £80.

“Much asked for and long awaited; Marmitek introduces a micro module for operating your sun blind or projection-screen, the SWM1P.

The SWM1P differs from the SW10 on several points; it can be used with every design switch desired, is equipped with a preset function, a blocking mode and two way communication (which can be used to retrieve its status remotely). The SW10 build-in module remains available as usual.

Marmitek already has micro modules for lighting and equipment and now also for sun blinds. Preferably a double 2-way momentary switch is used with the SWM1P. It can be hard purchasing this through the usual channels. For your ease we have added this to our standard delivery program.

  • Micromodule with built-in relay with two contacts for connecting a 230V motor.
  • Can be controlled remotely with every X-10 signal (also simultaneously multiple modules). Of course local operation also remains possible.
  • Invisible installation behind existing switches or wall outlets. Brand and model of the switch can be chosen freely so the SWM1P can be used in every interior and installation.
  • Equipped with a preset function; a position for rolling down shutters (for instance a day-/ventilation position) which can be pre-set.
  • Local blocking position for blocking the motor during for instance cleaning of the windows or maintenance.
  • Lowers, in combination with the CM15Pro™ computer interface, the sun blinds automatically during the day in places where the sun shines inside. This way you protect your furniture against the sunlight, keep the house cool and simulate that you are at home.
  • Quick and easy to install and to program.

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  1. We are a UK supplier of Window Blinds and are looking into supplying the automatic mechanisms. They seem to be really popular nowadays and many of our customers are already requesting that we supply the motors.

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